Vietnamese Traditional Massage Huong Sen

Vietnamese Traditional Massage Huong Sen

Vietnamese Traditional Massage – Huong Sen Healthcare Center brings an interesting experience with traditional massage methods of Vietnam.

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Vietnamese Traditional Massage, a cultural beauty

Each country has its own massage or bodywork with cultural beauty covered inside. When Swedish massage is well-known with its slow and gentle massage strokes that releasing tension and bringing relaxation, Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and balance the body’s energy systems. Meanwhile, Shiatsu (or Japanese Massage) improves the flow of energy by using finger and palm pressure.

In Eastern countries, people assume that human survive thank to blood travel through the body. Good circulation means a good health and vigilant mind. Bad circulation causes tiredness and stress. Blood flow regulation will bring you a strong body and mind. Pressing the tiny spots called energy points is the key of control.

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Vietnamese Traditional Massage is understood to be a combination of long-term professional therapies used in Vietnam. It is a research and transmission experience through generations of therapists in Vietnam from the past to the present. At Huong Sen, massage therapies is designed by professors, doctors.

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Techniques of Vietnamese Tradition Massage

Massage is the use of techniques such as claw, day, press, squeeze, pull … to massage and press acupuncture points for the body to relax and relieve pain. However, this method also helps joints and muscle mass to be flexible and work more smoothly. At the same time, acting on the acupuncture points helps stimulate blood circulation, improve blood, bring nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove unnecessary products from the body. Traditional body massage of Vietnam helps reduce muscle pain, joint pain, it is a very good support method for the treatment of sciatica…

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Especially, massage also treat mental disorders and emotions give people a sense of comfort and stability, a healthy body, reduce stress and make life tired.

In Huong Sen, we would put warm salt and herbal pillow under your neck and lower back after the massage that keep your body warm and cure a common cold. These herbal have magical health benefirts despite its popularity. Under the professional care of therapist, you would allow yourself to be fully immersed in a soothing music and pleasant fragrance.

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Benefits of Vietnamese Traditional Massage

✔️ Reduces stress and affects the nervous system right under the skin.

✔️ Massaging will increase blood circulation, thus improving nutritional status and limiting the progression of osteoarthritis

✔️ Fast removal of lactic acid can help reduce muscle pain quickly.

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❌ Pregnant for the first 3 months or in periods of heavy menstrual bleeding

❌ Patients with severe diabetes

❌ Patients with cardiovascular disease, varicose veins

❌ Patients with arthritis

❌ People with skin disorders such as allergies, scabies, psoriasis, …

❌ People are high fever

❌ Anyone with open wounds on the body

❌ People with muscle injuries

Nothing can be compared with a Vietnamese Tradition Massage after spending all day long exploring Huong Sen Healthcare Center. Let yourself be pampered in a cosy traditional environment of our center. If you come to Viet Nam, you should experience Vietnamese Traditional Massage in Huong Sen Healthcare Center at least one time. You’ll feel the true relaxation.

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