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Welcome to Huong Sen Healthcare Center and enjoy the luxury of relaxation!

Huong Sen Healthcare Center has officially opened on 16/04/1992 with only one wish: Take care of and also rehabilitate health; bring comfort to the spirit, enhance energy and rejuvenate muscles after intense working days. We are proud of being the most prestigious massage brand in Vietnam.

We combine traditional acupressure massage methods with modern features to bring you a relaxing and charming space. With the slogan “Health is all”, we always put the customers’ health first, appreciate the value of technicians’ hands and look after the diet during the treatment. Besides the traditional massage service pack, Huong Sen also provides additional beauty services such as Fat removal, Hair Removal, Skincare treatment… Our menu of body treatments, skin treatments uses herbal properties, natural healing ingredients and essential oils.

By choosing lotus as brand identity, combining of modern architecture and classic style with highlights of cozy design. Huong Sen is supposed a peaceful center in hectic life Vietnam. Our space is always marinated in gently scent of essential oils, herbs and immersed in the melodious music and warm golden light. That feature gives you the feeling of being relaxed, relieved and help you forget all the fatigue as well as anxiety of everyday life.

Additionally, the rooms of Huong Sen Healthcare Center are completely discreet and fully equipped with the most convenient equipment. With such extremely modern facilities, you can be assured of being relaxed during the treatment course.

Enjoy the feeling of complete bliss and a sense of peace. Treat yourself to therapies which bring rejuvenation, relaxation and energy balance. Our inspiration is knowing you have experienced the best spa treatments you will have ever have. Let our experienced team of therapists take you on a serene and tranquil journey!

Huong Sen Healthcare Center

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