How many steps does a process of massage include?

How long does a massage package take depend on the choice of the customer (01h15 ‘; 01h45’; 02h00), consist of the following steps:

Step 1: (3 minutes)

Take a shower with warm water, then exfoliate in order to clean the body.

Step 2: (7-10 minutes)

Soak in wooden tank with herbal water. This step helps combat fatigue, backache and sciatica.

Step 3: (7-10 minutes)

Jacuzzi with pine needles, moxa and ash leaves. This helps heal skin, firm the body, reduce

inflammation and sedate.

Step 4: (5-7 minutes)

Sauna, steam and soak feet in ginger juice. This step has the effect of eliminating toxins from the body and defending against the flu.

Step 5: (3 minutes)

Bathe in herbal water in order to warm the body, helping defend the body from infection, increase the resistance.

Step 6: (60 -70 minutes)

Body massage helps you no longer feel aches and balance the body shape. 

What are the differences between VIP package and Standard package?

Huong Sen Healthcare Center provides customers Standard massage package and VIP package. In particular, VIP package has a special feature: all processes are carried out in an isolated single room.

Although standard packages are usually taken in large rooms, along with many other customers, Huong Sen ensure each customer has a separated tank with the sanitary conditions and gets the care of our dedicated staff.

Have I to take off all the clothes during the massage?

In this process, customers at Huong Sen Healthcare Center are required to change their clothes according to the center’s regulations. You can still wear your own clothes, as long as they are short enough to facilitate masseuse manipulation.

Female customers are provided with disposable panties and shorts for male customers.

In Huong Sen, the customer base for men and women is completely separate, so you can be assured of undressing when using our services.

I am very pleased with the service and attitude of a skilled masseuse. Next time, can I still choose them for my massage?

Dear customer, first of all, we want to say thank you for your satisfaction with our services. If you are particularly satisfied with the attitude and skill of a masseuse, please remember the name of her, then make an appointment before visiting here; or can directly contact to our receptionist when coming to Huong Sen.

We always encourage you to book an appointment in advance so we can arrange our staff to meet your requirements, as well as minimizing your waiting time.

How often should I get a massage?

One of the most common questions about massage therapy is how often a person should go for a massage. Depending on the status of customers, there will be different answers.

Although massage is not limited to age, but from 20 years old, when the body starts showing signs of aging, you should take the time to massage once a week. This frequency may increase with age, up to 2 times / week. In addition, if you have a special health condition, please contact Huong Sen directly to receive the most detailed and dedicated advice!

Who should not have a massage?

Contraindications to massage:

– Pregnancy in the first 3 months

– Severe diabetes

– Heart disease

– Varicose veins

– Severe arthritis

– Skin disorders: allergic, scabies, psoriasis.

– Fever

– Wounds

– Muscle injury

– Allergy to oil

– Having been back from the beach.

Who should not have a sauna/steam?

Contraindications to sauna/steam:

– High or low blood pressure

– Heart disease

– Pregnancy

– Too tired

– Having skin diseases, HIV or epilepsy