Facial Skincare Huong Sen

Facial Skincare Huong Sen

Facial Skincare Huong Sen – In an effort to bring beauty to the woman, Huong Sen Healthcare Center is so proud to bring our customers the best beauty services, skin care products. Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface. Reduce fine lines and visible signs of aging with this nourishing facial, leaving the skin brighter, tighter and hydrated. Ideal for combination to normal skin. This facial moisturizes and improves skin tone and elasticity, using geranium, frankincense and chamomile essential oils. Beneficial for dry or maturing skin.

The achievement of Huong Sen Healthcare Center in the field of beauty care is not only exploring the best skin care products but also summarizing the combination of traditional massage therapies with methods of Western. Besides, the use of high-end cosmetics by professionals hands will contribute to bring the fresh, healthy skin and a relaxed mind. 

Facial Skincare service at Huong Sen Healthcare Center is a system of  multi level skin care treatments, with harmonious combination of natural skin products with high-end cosmetics will bring optimal aesthetic results for the skin.

With warm and luxury space, spa area of ​​Huong Sen Healthcare Center has modern equipments. Serving by a team of professional and experiencedexperts, Huong Sen confidently gives customers the best quality skin care services.


Advantages of facials at Huong Sen Healthcare Center

✔️ The skin is nourished from deep and become healthy, toned, radiant pink and white.

✔️ Service facials are diverse, suitable for all customers.

✔️ Spa area has been invested modern equipments with a team of professional and experienced experts. 

✔️ We are using high-end cosmetics line in Japan and natural materials which does not irritate the skin. 

Let come to enjoy and experience the greatest feelings at Huong Sen Healthcare Center!

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